The paradigm has now changed from treatment to care and from relationships to choice. Doctors today practice in a more busier and competitive world trying to keep up with all aspects of the medical world meeting patients, conducting surgeries, travelling & networking, learning & sharing within and outside the medical community, both nationally & globally, yet they struggle to communicate or share their learning and experiences that could benefit healthcare information seekers.

MedKonect’s dedicated services for doctors helps them communicate more consistently, while they go about doing their job they best know- healing the ailing
We help doctors leverage the technology and power of offline and online communication, breaking most stereotypes of traditional medical practices.

We help them propagate healthcare, we help them connect & converse not only with patients but also with other experts, we help them express their views on forums where their voice is heard, we help them network; facilitate their interactions and create more meaningful engagements. We help them drive conversations as they stay connected…..