Healthcare is a concern that is most shared and is also the most searched category both offline and online. People are keen to obtain genuine information on diseases/conditions, their symptoms, complications, preventions, precautions and treatments – trying to find the right experts for advice with convenience, within their budgets, with ease of access and hassle free processes.

This may not always be easy.

For patients their online & offline friends & acquaintances, communities and forums play an influential role for information & support for something as personal as medical care, completely diminishing barriers of distance, time and costs.

Healthcare service providers’ today use more communication channels and mediums to “engage and educate” , “express and connect”, “follow and lead”, building dialogues and platforms for effective collaboration between patients, doctors, researchers, diagnostics, pharma and device makers

Medkonect helps put together impudent strategies, to tap into the unbeatable potential of communication – helping hospitals connect, reach, engage and convert ‘consumers of information’ into long term mutually gainful relationships…..